Embrace Your Beauty

Started in Feb. 2022

Embrace Your Beauty is a personal project I started after talking to women about their bodies and how the world looks at them and reacts to them.

You see, everyone is different, yet we are very much the same. Most of us are ashamed of our naked bodies. We are afraid to show it to everyone. But why not? We have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing that is ugly. Our bodies are beautiful and they have their own story.

So that's why this project is about the beauty of everyone's body and the story it tells. I think everyone's body should be seen. There is so much negativity being spread about so many things these days and I want to send a counter message to the world: positivity!

Therefore, this is an artistic nude project (or topless in underwear, for example), and the photos must be beautiful, tasteful and can be shown with or without a face. Also, you don't have to appear on the internet, but you can also choose to exhibit alone and get some nice pictures for yourself.

I think this project will last about one, maybe two years and then I want to show the best photos in an exhibition and release a photo book with all the models in it. If one of your photos is used in the exhibition, I will send you that photo afterwards, along with a copy of the photo book.

It's my personal project so I won't ask for money and it can be done in the comfort of your own home, an (outdoor) location or in my home studio.

Everyone is welcome; your height, age, weight, sexual orientation, appearance, etc. do not matter. And everyone will be in the pictures the way you like it, as long as it is tasteful. So it will be a diversity of styles.

Of course, you must be 18+ to participate.

Don't be ashamed and embrace your beauty!

Dear people,

Don't hesitate to contact me! I have noticed that some people are a little afraid to ask me for this shoot. This is not necessary. Everyone is beautiful and welcome, and no one will be judged. You will be treated with the utmost respect and you will be in control throughout the shoot. Think of me as an extension of your arm pushing the button for you to take the picture.


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Whatsapp: +31612802771

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