Thank you @MartinWilmsenphoto for the great, spontanious picture!

Hello, my name is Frank Vos, a film photographer based in the Netherlands. In these digital times I prefer analog photography.

Analog photography is unique and lives. It gives you the feeling of a real photograph in your hands, like in the past century. I love those little imperfections on the photos.
The colors and softness are also more beautiful, and the creative proces is slower. You have to take time for your composition, exposure and checking all the details, because you got only one change per shot. After the shoot is over, it's waiting for the results, what makes it extra excited to do.

I'm also inspired by the people I meet. I love to capture them the way they are, raw, honest and pure.

Don't be shy!

And send me a message to contact me: 

- if you want to check availability,

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- just want to ask me something

- or just to say hello.

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Phone: +316 128 02 771

Instagram:  @frankvosfotografie

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"

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